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The Hov Pod Hovercraft brings together many years of painstaking hovercraft design expertise into one of the most innovative watercraft available on the market today.

Unlike jet skis and motor boats, the Hov Pod can effortlessly traverse all kinds of terrain including water, mud, sand, snow, ice, grass, in fact any flat surface!

The ACX52 is fitted with a 2 stroke engine that can propel the hovercraft to
speeds of up to 45mph carrying 3 adults. The versatility of the Hov Pod makes it an ideal machine whether you are looking for a fun craft, a yach tender or serious rescue hovercraft.

With 2 hours of cruising on a tank of fuel, the Hov Pod is both economical and environmentally friendly with an output noise of just 80Db at 25 metres
(that's about the same as dining in a noisy restaurant!)

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UPDATE: The new Hov Pod SPX is now available. With an extra strong hull and superior buoyancy characteristics, this machine is more rugged than any other hovercraft available.

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